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10 LED Lantern

10 LED Lantern

10 LED Lantern Light up your home with this beautiful geometric style glass lantern. Hand painted leaving a distressed look for an added feature this lantern allows the LED...Read moreWayfair UK deals
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23rd Dec 2020
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The latest lanterns sale and special offers online!

How to Get Cheap Lantern Deals Online According to history, lanterns are used to protect candles from being blown out. Lanterns function for light protection rather than being a decoration. Lanterns today are made of glass sheets which make it more creative and classic than before where lanterns were made of animal horns. Also, a lot of lanterns that don’t need candles but a bulb are out in the market and describe as portable lighting.

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Cheap IKEA lanterns

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Camping lanterns, Amazon UK

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Difference Between a Torch and a Lantern

Torch is a stick with flame only in one end and used as a source of light while Lantern is a case of translucent or transparent material made to protect a flame and to illuminate the light.

There are also electric lantern made for people who are afraid to get burnt by the flame inside a paper lantern or other lanterns.

The Popularity of Sky Lanterns

Also known as Kongming Lanterns, these lanterns are undoubtedly famous to special events or gatherings. Compared to vintage lanterns, sky paper lanterns are cheaper and gives a dramatic effect when floating in the air. Although it is a great choice for ending wedding ceremonies or a romantic date, sky lanterns can be harmful because of its contents where study says that sky lanterns are combined fire, light, and miniature hot air balloons.

10 Best Camping Lanterns 2018

Different Types of Lanterns for your Home

Lanterns don’t just come in vintage look with glass and candles. There are different types of lanterns you can use to light and at the same time decorate your home.

  • Paper Lanterns. It's the huge Chinese lanterns that brought paper lanterns into vogue. The large and colourful balloon like lanterns are both cheap and effective for making your home decor look creative.
  • Vintage Lantern. This is a lantern that has come straight out of the 19th century. These type of traditional lanterns can still add an ethnic touch to your home.
  • Ceramic Lanterns. Ceramic is a material that is usually used to make crockery. However, you can use ceramic lanterns in your drawing room to give it a sleek look. Choose longitudinal designs in ceramic because they make interesting lighting patterns.
  • Bottle Lanterns. You can use discarded bottles in your house to make brilliant lanterns. This could also be your kid's 'best out of waste' crafts project for school.
  • Halogen Lanterns. Halogen lights are best for areas that need bright light. You can hang a halogen lantern over your kitchen table to help you cook and eat in bright lights. Halogen lanterns look best in metallic shades.
  • Jack-o-lanterns. Jack-o-lanterns are made by carving pumpkins. They are usually made around Halloween. But if you are having a scary theme party at home, you can try carving some pumpkin lanterns.
  • Cloth Lanterns. Cloth lanterns are cost effective and very elegant. You can easily prepare them with your old scarves or tunics. Make sure you use low power lights in cloth lanterns or else the cloth may burn.
  • Plastic Lanterns. Plastic lanterns are very common these days. They are cheap and durable. Use plastic lanterns in geometrical shapes and various vibrant shades of colour.
  • Stained Glass. Lanterns Stained glass lanterns will give you tinted tint that gives your home a very Gothic ambiance. Stained glass lanterns looks very delicate and infuse your home with a mysterious aura.
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