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Combine Shelves

Combine Shelves

COMBINE SHELVES This beautiful range of floating storage cubes feature a modular design which allows them to be stacked together and oriented horizontally or vertically to create...Read moreYorkshiretrading deals
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15th Jan
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Keeping Your Things Organized
Find the affordable quality shelves and deals from your favouritve UK retailers!

In a house, organisation is essential. You have to be particular on fixing your things so you maintain order in your place. This is where a shelf comes in. Shelves are flat horizontal planes that are seen in homes, businesses and stores. They can hold items in place for display. They are also called mantel, ledge, counter or rack. Console tables are similar to shelves in purpose. They are designed to be placed against the wall.

Shelves can be attached to a wall. The same is also true with a vertical surface which can also be suspended from a ceiling. Hence, this is a part of a free-standing frame unit. Furthermore, a piece of furniture including bookcase, cabinet, headboards, entertainment centre, among others.

There are many considerations when it comes to building your shelf. One of them is length, which will depend upon the limitations of your space. Even the amount of weight will also be crucial. The vertical distance will determine if it is going to be adjustable or not.

Different Types of Shelves

There are five kinds of shelves that you can choose from. They are fixed, corner, adjustable, pull-out and floating. These main types have several style choices. Hence, they can be made up of standard shelf pin, corner shelves, pin-in-place, among others.

  • Fixed Shelves. Fixed shelves are standard. They are surely the kind of close you visualise. There are homes with reach-in closets. Most of them contain one or two shelves which are found on the rock. Furthermore, these shelves cannot be repositioned. You might want to have a screwdriver for it to work. It should depend on your closet shelving system.
  • Adjustable Shelves. If you want custom closet systems, then adjustable shelves are for you. Usually, they are attached to the closet panels or supports. Furthermore, they also have movable brackets or pins. You will not have a hard time reconfiguring your shelving. This type of setup is simple to understand. While it has some drawbacks, there should not be a safety issue.
  • Corner Shelves. The name implies that you can find them in the corner. They can be either fixed or adjustable. If you must, you can construct them in different ways. They can be on 90 Degree Angle, Angled Corner Cut, Rotating Shelf, among others.
  • Pull-out Shelves. Typically, a pull-out shelf or a closet is essential when a shelf is found underside mount drawer slides. This enables the shelf to be movable, just in case. It somehow resembles a regular drawer. You can choose from Standard Pull-Out Shelf, Pull-Out Sweater Shelf, Pantry Pull-Out Shelf and Accessory Shelf.
  • Floating Shelves. If the motif of your house is somehow modern, this should work for you. Basically, floating shelves embody the contemporary vibe all the time. They are visually appealing. What is even better is that they are unlikely to take much of your space at home. If you want to practice minimalism, then you must not forget this kind.

Easy DIY floating shelves

The Advantages of Shelves in your Home

Shelves are magical. They can turn a space you do not use to a functional one. Moreover, they can also enrich the design and style of your place. The treat is that there are also many shelving options that await you. You only need to know how to use them. These are the benefits of having shelves at your home:

  • Shelves showcase your personality. Yes, shelves are the best when it comes to displaying your personality. It may be in front or at the centre, depending on how you want it. Share the items that are reflective of who you are. Display your interest and hobbies. You can do all of these by ensuring that you go for a shelf perfect for your individuality.
  • Shelves add function. Your shelf should not disappoint you in flaunting your items and adding functions all at the same time. Just make sure that you place it at the right height so that it will not defeat its purpose. For sure, it will be an excellent space to work as a small bar. Take advantage of its surface too.
  • Shelves can be your hidden storage. You might want to find a sturdy shelf that can stand up despite the movement that is going on around. In there, you are free to place boxes and baskets. The lower shelves should be useful for that. If you have toys and games you have to keep, that can do you good. That way, you can organise the stuff of your kids.
  • Shelves emphasize your space. If your room is quite small, you can be sure that your room would play a vital role. This can be good for your cramped space which you can dedicate to your walls. There can be a built-in bookcase or even free floating shelves. These are perfect in making the most of your house.
  • Shelves can optimise your closet. You might want to turn your tiny close to a space that is capable of accommodating your entire wardrobe. It is an efficient idea to add a shelving unit because it will give your lonely and single bar close extra support for your clothes.
How to Get Cheap Shelves Online
Shelves on sale at B&M

Are you thinking of redecorating your own home? If yes, you should start with shelves. The good news is that there are cheap shelves you can pick from. Starting from shelving units, garage shelving to a book shelves wall, we have got you covered. With the help of Latest Deals, you can have cheap shelving units easily. Rest assured that you can make the most of our cheap wall shelving waiting for you.

Our community of bargain hunters is always on the hunt for cheap floating shelves and cheap wooden shelves sales, deals, discounts and special offers online. We also have a team of money-saving experts who regularly share essential tips and tricks that can make you save more on your online and instore purchases for shelf brackets.

Most UK retailers have sale events, seasonal clearance, and flash sales where you can save 70% on floating shelves Argos, Ikea shelves and others. They also reduce their prices further during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Day. But if you want to maximise your savings, make sure to use the latest shelving UK discount codes that you can find here. There are even voucher codes where you can get freebies and every free delivery for Argos shelves and more.

Here’s a list of UK retailers where you can get every day low prices on shelves:

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