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Enjoy unlimited brain stimulating fun with cheap Lego City deals in the UK!

Despite the popularity of wi-fi and Ipads, it is amazing how Lego has endured everything. Hence, it is still widely played today and it has maintained its relevant status in the market. These colourful building bricks are not just for kids, but also for adults too.

The brand’s Lego City will always be liked by many for the simple reason that the potential of creating something will be never-ending. As a matter of fact, Lego City has been more than just a toy. It is now seen as a creative expression by many, which is why there are many individuals who are engaged in it. Even the ones you cannot imagine, may be achieved through such playset.

This worldwide phenomenon, made of plastic bricks and yellow figures, is played from generation to generation. It is the part of majority’s childhood and it will continue to. Aside from enhancing creativity, it would also improve problem-solving skills with constructional aspects.

If you are thinking you need to bend your budget in order to buy Lego City for your child or yourself, worry no more. There are so many ways of doing so without hurting your wallet. Today, you can find great deals on Lego City from numerous UK retailers that will help you save on your purchases.

How Can I Get Cheap LEGO City Toys?

Amazon Lego City Deals

If you’re looking for Lego City sale online, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Latest Deals you will find the latest and the best Lego City bargain deals, price drops and clearance sale offered by UK retailers such as Music Magpie, AO, Base, eBay, John Lewis, and Tesco just to name a few.

In your search for Lego City sets, you may choose from Mountain River Heist, Artic Mobile Exploration Base, City Hospital,Arctic Supply Plane, Arctic Scout Truck, Central Airport, among others. Take advantage of massive savings you can get from these cheap Lego City sets.

Our massive community of bargain hunters are always searching online to provide you with the best possible deals on all things Lego City. This page is regularly updated with verified deals so make sure to bookmark it and always be on the know. In addition, our team of money-saving experts are always sharing valuable information, tips and tricks on how you can get some money off when shopping online.

Where Can I Find Cheap Lego City Deals in the UK?

Lego City Smyths special offers

You can find a wide array of cheap Lego City sale online. From Lego City toys and Lego City Police to Lego City games and Lego City sets, you will find a deal that will suit your budget and collection. Make sure to use the latest discounts and voucher codes here at Latest Deals to get additional savings and even free delivery from the following retailers:

Popular Lego City Sets

It cannot be denied that for so many years now, Lego City has been a favourite for children and adults too. Hence, such has gained popularity too most especially for kids who are just six to twelve. The building sets are challenging and fun. They represent the real world that is why they are highly relatable and relevant.

City building sets have always been playable. They also have a tenfold accessories with them which increase the fun as well. When you buy a set, you can ensure that the instructions are easy to follow. The structures you will build are also exact and thus - original. If you are, or you know people who are imaginative makers, this might work to your advantage. Indeed, there is a wide array of choices in terms of Lego City.

Argos Lego City clearance sale

Here is the list of the most recommended Lego City sets:

☑️ LEGO City Police 60047 Police Station. This comes with 7 minifigures, a policewoman, 3 policemen, 3 crooks with assorted accessories and also a police dog. There is also a control tower, police station, lifting barrier, garage, helipad, 2 jail cells, roof hatch, bed, toilet, and as well as 2 surveillance cameras. Most of the vehicles are a motorbike, car, helicopter that comes with 2 side compartments and a crook’s tow truck that has a grappling hook. Just a reminder though that this product may only be suitable for adult collectors because of the sharp points the set has. However, it may also be played by kids who are under four years old.

☑️ LEGO City Police High Speed Chase Building Set 60007. This Lego City playset is the best when you want to begin a High Speed Chase with the streets when some burglars escape fast. They surely will not be able to get far because Chase McCain is on duty. With the help of an Elite Police vehicle and an Elite Police motorcycle, this may become easy. If you are up to unlocking special missions and vehicles, this has an undercover video which may help you on that and more. Lego City Police High Speed Chase Building includes 3 minifigures: a burglar, Chase McCain and an Elite Police rider who owns handcuffs.

☑️ LEGO City Fire Station 60004. The set depicts a peaceful day in the fire station of Lego City. In here, you will see the fire chief who enjoys a cup of coffee in his office; while a firefighter is there to repair the truck before taking a well-deserved map. Everything becomes in action as the alarm bell rings. Be amazed as the firefighters slide down the pole. Load them in the fire truck too and be ready to save the day. With 3 vehicles, 2 retracting garage doors, transparent windows, 5 minifigures, 3 firefighters with accessories, and a chief pilot - you will simulate an actual fire station for sure. This toy may only be for children three and up because of its small parts.

☑️ Lego City Town City Square 60097 Building Toy. Everyone is busy and buzzing activities are experienced at the City Square. With a bike and a comfortable coffee bar, hopping aboard a helicopter that would give you a bird’s-eye view of the city is feasible. Once you are over with flying, calling the LEGO store is also advisable. You can give a driver a hand in unloading the boxes and placing them on the handcart. Hence, they can be brought in the store. You can also check the cool cars which are for sale for they are found at the dealership showrooms. There are many other things you can do with the City Square for this also includes 12 minifigures with varied accessories, a helicopter pilot, a coffee shop saleswoman, a tram driver, a car saleswoman, a pizza deliveryman, a tow truck driver, a girl and a boy, a LEGO salesperson and as well as 2 LEGO store statues.

☑️ LEGO City Trains High-Speed Passenger Train. With a motorised LEGO City High Speed Passenger Train, you can travel around the city in just a snap. The 8-channel, 7-speed infrared remote control is present to power the curved tracks all over and they are of top speed. The super-efficient, streamlined train also has a high-speed front profile and an electricity contact points which are on the top. You can just lift the roof at the front of the car so that the driver may be placed inside. This is where you will see a cool dashboard. When you open the passenger cars, the tables and sets become accessible too. In general, the set has a train driver, three minifigures and a cyclist.

Lego City Fire range at Smyths Toys

It’s More Than Just A Toy

Most of us grew up playing LEGO. This cannot be denied. It is one of the biggest brands in the world. It is not difficult to recognise one and up until today - the toy has an enormous fan base. For most parents, it would not hurt to check on the educational benefits of Lego.

Apart from the idea that the toy is very educational in nature, there is also the so called LEGO Education, which has been around for over three decades now to develop and improve the classroom experiences that are responsible in bringing learning concepts to real life situations. To some people, LEGO City, or LEGO in general, may only be just a toy. However, there are benefits that can be obtained from such. Read the following:

  • Promotes fine motor skills most especially for children.
  • Encourages teamwork among kids.
  • Improves imagination and creativity.
  • Develops mathematical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Enhances communication skills.
  • Inculcates persistence.
  • Gives high self-esteem.
  • Uses lateral thinking and planning skills.

These are the valuable benefits of playing LEGO City. Enable your kids to do so then.

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