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Cat Food Deals

The best cat food bargains from UK retailers including raw pet food

Find the cheapest cat food. Deals, discounts and voucher codes shared by our community of bargain hunters. Every day, we look for the best cat food bargains and share them here to help you save money. You can also see dog food deals, and general pet deals.

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If you're looking for cheap cat food, or want to find some bargains to cut the cost of your shopping, this dedicated page has all the latest deals from our community of deal hunters.

Here are some top tips to help you save further:

Cheap cat food at Amazon


The UK's largest retailer, Amazon, often has bulk buys of cat food available for less.

For example, the pictured multi-pack of Felix cat food was reduced from £40 to £29 (24p a pouch) with free delivery.

We've seen similar deals in the past from Amazon including the brands Gourmet Perle, Applaws and GoCat.

You can normally save between 30% - 50% if you buy in bulk. One way to find cat food deals on Amazon is to use our discount finder tool. Simply change the category to 'pets', search for 'cat food' and choose a discount with a price range:


Amazon also offers subscribe and save options on many cat food products. This is a monthly subscription option where they will send you a box of cat food and you receive a 10% discount. While this is handy for saving time, it may not be the cheapest option.

Cheap cat food at Approved Food


Approved Food is an online discount retailer. It sells branded goods at a steep reduction. Often you can save up to 80% on the RRP.

How does it offer such big savings? It sells pet food (and other things) that are nearing their sell by date. Brands send them products they've been unable to shift, and Approved Food passes on that discount to you. It's like the yellow sticker shop of non-perishables.

You can pick up some cat food bargains here. Examples in the past include:

There is a minimum spend at Approved Food of about £20 and a delivery charge. However, make sure you look in our voucher codes section for a free delivery code to help you save more money.

Free Cat Food Samples


Our freebie section always has free cat food samples. Brands want to win new customers and to do that they create marketing campaigns. Often these promotions include free samples if you sign up.

It may be as simple as entering your alias details into a form and waiting. Other times, such as at Sainsbury's, you can add the product to basket and enter a promo code to get the cat food for free (with a purchase).

There may also be subscription services such as Tails (for dogs) which offer you the first month free and then a recurring payment of £X per month. These you need to read the T&Cs carefully to know whether you can cancel at short notice.

Members of our Facebook Group are always sharing pictures of the free cat food samples they receive. Some, it seems, manage to go for weeks without needing to buy any. It's definitely worth asking for advice in our Chat section on how to get started.

Cheap cat food on ebay

ebay offers big opportunities to save money on cat food. Suppliers sell it without the markups from shops and often include free delivery or free click and collect from your local Argos store. Here's an example:

This works out at 28p per pack. Compare that to Pets At Home who were selling the same product for 37p a pack.

ebay seems to be a forgotten about retailer when it comes to pet food deals on LD as there's only been one post in the past three months. However, at the time of writing there's 17,910 deals listed.

Where to find raw cat food

Academic literature suggests cooked and dry pet food may not be best for cats. Francis Pottenger researched between 1932 - 1942 the effects of processed food on 900 cats. He found significant deficiencies in health. However, it must be pointed out that recipes have changed since then and there has not been a review of the literature in recent decades.

Nevertheless, you may be after raw cat food. Raw feeding goes by the acronym BARF: Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods. The largest retailer to stock this is Pets At Home. They have a big collection of 'natural' foods, which come in a similar form as processed pet food but just frozen.

Some commonly reported benefits of feeding a raw diet are:

✔ Fresher breath, cleaner whiter teeth

✔ More stable energy - less hyperactivity

✔ Easier to digest, sensitive stomachs improve

✔ Reduction of allergies and intolerances

✔ Highly palatable – suits even the fussiest

of eaters

Please note - normally Pets At Home does not do discounts on Black Friday. However, bargain hunters spotted in 2017 a landing page on the site ahead of the event suggesting this policy may change. It read:

"Nobody offers pets a better Black Friday event than Pets at Home so be sure to check back in November 2017 for all the latest deals for your furry and scaly friends."

Other places to find cheap cat food

Members of Latest Deals have also found bargains in Poundland, Wilko and B&M. The latter has a big pet event every year slashing the prices on everything including cat food and dog toys. This is in April every year.