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Cheap Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher Deals, Vouchers and Special Offers

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Give in to the sweetest temptation with the cheapest Ferrero deals in the UK!

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When we hear the word “Ferrero”, one thing automatically comes in mind, their iconic delicious chocolate balls delicately wrapped in gold packaging. If you have not known it yet, there is actually more to Ferrero than that. They have various products under their umbrella of yummy goodness. Ferrero is the mother of other delectable treats such as Nutella, Kinder Surprise, Thorntons, and Tic Tac.

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Ferrero Chocolate

Ferrero Rocher ASDA offers

Ferrero has provided the market with the perfect range of chocolates perfect for sharing, gifting or even solo indulging consumption. Here are the Ferrero Chocolates:

  • Ferrero Rocher. This scrumptious treat consists of roasted hazelnut that is enveloped in a thin wafer shell with a good serving of hazelnut chocolate spread. The treat is then finally dipped in rich milk chocolate rolled in freshly chopped hazelnuts.
  • Grand Ferrero Rocher. This humungous Ferrero Rocher is ideal for gifting. This can surely make any occasion much more golden.
  • Raffaello. This the best chocolate pick for white chocolate lovers. This treat has a good mix of Pacific coconut and white Califronian almonds.
  • Ferrero Collection. This dazzling collection of the finest Ferrero chocolate offers is the ideal gift for any occasion. The Ferrero Collection consists of Ferrero Rocher, Ferrero Rondnoir, and Raffaello by Ferrero.
  • Ferrero Golden Gallery. To be sure that everyone gets to enjoy a Ferrero treat, this collection can never go wrong. It consists of the different layered delights such as Ferrero Rocher, Delicious, Tenderly Biancoretti, Manderly, Tenderly Torroncino, Ferrero Cappuccino, and Tenderly Dark.
Tesco Nutella deals

Nutella is an awesome treat enjoyed by both kids and adults. It is probably the most iconic hazelnut spread that ever existed. Nutella is an ideal choice for quick breakfast meals –from doughnuts all the way to homemade ice cream (Nobody said you can’t eat ice cream for breakfast anyway). This hazelnut spread is a good way to kickstart your day starter. Truly a delightful booster to keep you going throughout the day.

  • Nutella & Go. A new and fun way to enjoy Nutella. Treat yourself to a delightful snack of crunchy breadsticks dipped in the sinful treat Nutella is. This snack comes in a portable packaging making it easy for you to enjoy it anywhere.
  • Nutella B-ready. If you are a fan of Nutella, no doubt you’ll enjoy this unique product of Ferrero. Imagine a crunchy wafer shell filled with your favourite hazelnut spread and sprinkled with wheat crispies –that’s what Nutella B-ready is.

Tic Tac

Tic tac deals, Sainsbury’s

Ferrero is not all about chocolates. They also offer consumers with different kinds of minty and fruity flavours with their Tic Tac collection. This portable refresher is something the Brits love to carry around. It comes in different sizes and packs. They are available in single packs, big packs, 4 x multipacks to bottle packs. Tic Tac was first launched in 1970 in the UK.

  • Tic Tac Mixers. This colourful Tic Tac range is ideal for those who do not want to stick to just one flavour. It starts off with flavour A and eventually turns into flavour B. A new exciting candy experience you don’t want to miss out on. Available flavours include cherry-cola nd coconut-pineapple.
  • Tic Tac Breeze. Get to enjoy a new kind of refreshing experience with this Tic Tac range. These mints contain cooling micro crystals that are responsible for that sharp cool taste. Tic Tic Breeze comes in different flavours. Available flavours include lemon balm, cranberry, eucalyptus, and aniseed.

Ferrero has three core nutritional principles that underpin everything they do. They believe that a balanced and varied diet combined with small portion sizes and physically active lifestyles are the best way to help you enjoy your favourite treats that taste just the way you love.

Kinder Kids. This chocolate treat range is specifically targeted to kids. Treat your little ones with these delectable delights as a reward for doing something good today.

  • Kinder Surprise. The child sized serving portion of this treat makes it ideal for kids. Aside from containing a yummy chocolate treat, it also comes with a surprise toy. This iconic egg shaped treat is something kids look forward to having. Get to have 3 in 1 yummy chocolate experience in every Kinder Surprise.
  • Kinder Chocolate. If you are a fan of the taste of Kinder Surprise, then this is probably the best treat you can ever think of. Kinder Chocolate is a chocolate bar with heavenly filling.
  • Kinder Happy Hippo Biscuits. This hippo shaped biscuit contains double cream filling that makes it hard to resist. You can enjoy this snack in two different flavours: hazelnut and cocoa.
  • Kinder Choco-Buns. This bite-sized treats contain smooth milky centre. It has just the right amount of hazelnut pieces to balance out the texture of this fine milk chocolate snack.

Thorntons. This chocolate line is an expert when it comes to classic chocolate delights. With over a hundred years of chocolate crafting experience, its taste won’t make you feel any regret in falling for this sinful treat. Everyone surely gets to find something that would delight their tastebuds at Throntons range. This chocolate delight comes in three assortments: classic, continental, toffee and fudge.

Best UK Sites to Find Cheap Ferrero Deals

Get to find Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, Kinder Kids, Tic Tac, and Thorntons online from various UK retailers. Here is a list to guide you where to head to in case you feel that Ferrero crave kicking in.

👍 Tesco

👍 Amazon

👍 Sainsbury’s

👍 Ebay

👍 Waitrose

👍 Lidl

👍 Aldi


👍 Costco

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