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Overwatch has a number of different game modes. It was generally designed around squad-based combat between two opposing teams with six players per team. You can select from around two dozen hero characters. They also are categorised into three classes namely damage heroes, tank heroes, and support heroes.

Damage heroes are most effective in attacking and defending. Tank heroes can absorb large amounts of damage, Support heroes provide healing assistance to teammates. Each hero has a unique skill set and attributes. Each of them varies in running speed, passive skills, and primary attacks. Players can change their hero as the game progresses.

The design of Overwatch is to encourage team compositions so that they can adapt to various scenarios and situation. The game genre is a hero shooter game because of its design around the heroes and specific classes.

The game has different modes including casual play and competitive ranked play. These modes are centered around sequentially securing control of points on the map. There are also solo and team deathmatches. There is also a capture-the-flag mode which is very exciting and fast-paced.

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Best Plays of the Game - Overwatch Highlights

Top 5 Popular Male Overwatch Characters

  • Reinhardt. He is probably the most popular one and there will be nothing in his path but total destruction. He has strong melee capabilities. He is one of the most powerful characters when it comes to offense. He also has a long lasting shield which deflects damage.
  • Lucio. He is the best option when you need to transfer people from one place to another. He also has a Sound Barrier shield that can be a lifesaver. You can easily push three people off the map at the same time with it.
  • Doomfist. This is one of the newest characters that were developed but it still has all the capabilities of a great hero despite his badass name. You can see his strength from miles away.
  • Roadhog. He has the ability to heal while walking which is great. He can finish off enemies easily with his hook. His favourite voice line is “Say ‘bacon’ one more time.”
  • Torbjorn. He is a Team Fortress 2 veteran and an Engineer main. He has a deadly power that will invoke fear among other heroes.
Favourite Female Overwatch Characters
  • Pharah. She is probably one of the most favourite female characters in the Overwatch game. Pharah has the capability of hampering opponents’ progress with her rockets. She also has an air-bound Mercy to heal her.
  • Sombra. Her abilities allow expert players to inflict damage to opponents. Try out this character if you can handle her ill-conceived and over-hyped personality.
  • Tracer. She is very fast and is considered as the face of the game. Her abilities are very fun to use although she is not that effective in inflicting damage to her opponents. But it can be very entertaining to use her as your hero.
  • Widowmaker. Her ability to use her grappling hook is probably her greatest ability. She is very useful because of her support ability even though her venom mine is generally underutilized.
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