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Iron Man VR Game - Save £8!

Iron Man VR Game - Save £8!

Marvel's Iron Man VR is a virtual reality shooter video game developed by American studios Camouflaj and Darkwind Media and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the...Read moreArgos deals
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21st Apr
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Who is Iron Man?
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Well, it’s 2019 and who doesn’t know Iron Man? First introduced by Marvel Comics on March 1963 from the comic book Tales of Suspense #39, the superhero was created by Larry Lieber, Don Heck and Jack Kirby together with the late Stan Lee, the creator of Marvel Universe who died in 2018.

Super strength, the ability to fly, durability and numerous weapons are Iron Man’s possessed super power through his armor suit. His most possessed weapon is from the palms of his gauntlets which shot unbelievably strong rays.

Tony Stark, Iron Man’s alter ego invented the metallic suit of armor and other technologies and made it possible due to his wealth and genius engineer mind. If you’re ever wondering why did he invented those in the first place was for saving his life and to escape. When Tony Stark was a kid, he was kidnapped and had an injury in his heart.

Stark has a piece of shrapnel near his heart. That’s why he made a magnetic chest plate that keeps the shrapnel from reaching his heart so he won’t die. He even has in his body an improved artificial nervous system which gives him healing powers and the ability to merge with his suit.

101 Facts About Iron Man

Iron Man’s Main Enemies

With a long list of foes Iron Man has saved for the longest years, here are some of the main enemies of Iron Man:

  • Mandarin – Mandarin as superhuman abilities when it comes to martial arts and even the 10 rings of power which gives him the power of Ice blast, Flame blast, Electro blast and Matter rearranger. Mandarin came from mainland China, by the way.
  • Crimson Dynamo – If you’re confious whether The Crimson Dynamo’s wear the same suit as Iron Man, their suits are similar but not the same. The Crimson Dynamo’s are agents of Russia.
  • Iron Monger – The Iron Monger wears armor like Iron Man and was originally Obadiah Stane.
  • Justin Hammer – Justin Hammer uses henchmen and helps steal and build armors similar to Iron Man’s. He is also a businessman who wants to take down Tony Stark's Empire.

To name a few more are Ghost, Titanium Man, Backlash, Doctor Doom, Firepower, and Whirlwind.

Top 5 Iron Man Must Haves

  • Iron Man Mark III Life-Size Statue . This Iron Man figure is a highly detailed and beautifully painted masterpiece. With a scale figure of 1:1, it stands over six feet tall. Where the armor is lit below from its base which illuminates the eyes, arc reactor and palm repulsors.
  • Iron Man Mark I . This sixth scale figurine of Iron Man comes with a stream of fire you can add to the hand to shoot out a flamethrower and amazingle, the arc reactor light up, as does a red button on the left forearm, and it even comes with a working missile launcher. The figure base features scraps of weapons and stones from the cave.
  • Marvel Legends Electronic Helmet. This must-have item for any nerd or Iron Man aficionado has two LED light-up eyes, electronic sound effects and a detachable magnetized faceplate so you can be Tony Stark.
  • Hulkbuster. The Hulkbuster Armor the same size as the Hulk, its appendages are also interchangeable whenever one happens to get ripped off, which is inevitable when you’re battling a pure rage monster. This figure is a whopping 21″ model. Underneath the armor sits a Mark XLIII bust with LED light-up eyes and arc reactor. Overall, there are 16 LED lights.
  • Iron Man Mark XXIII – Shades. This was designed for collectors who needed to complete their own House Party Protocol and no collection would be complete without it! It features a standard set of LEDs, but has a unique rectangular-shaped arc reactor in the chest and comes with detachable fists, hands and a unique stand.
How to Get Cheap Iron Man Deals in the UK
Iron Man deals at Amazon UK

Iron Man is a fictional superhero based on American comic books published by Marvel Comics. On May 1968, Iron Mas received its first title after appearances on Tales of Suspense in 1963. Years had passed, the first Iron Man movie was premiered on 2008 and gained more popularity than ever. As of today, Iron Man has a total of 3 self titled movies. If you’re looking for cheap Iron Man merchandise, you’ve come to the right place!

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